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Does the world need another game studio? Truth, no. It needs a game-changing movement. Sparked by four bold founders, fanned into an inferno of joy. F’real, joy. Yes, we make games-as-service. Fun, exhilarating games with beat-it-tude. But we also make games-in-service. Innovating & Infesting pop culture with positive impact on diverse communities. Gamifying creativity & positivity. Through self-expression. UBU. Staying TRU2U. Connecting with the world human to human. Not just tech connectivity, emotional connectivity. Games that bring fun, euphoria, and jubilance to The Metaverse. This is Gaming Nirvana. Unleashing every controller, everywhere, so we can all dance to the beats of life. Together. Hello, you, welcome to the Joy Movement.

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Anthony Castoro HP200

founder, chief executive officer

An entrepreneur and executive leader with extensive experience building and operating some of the world’s most successful online games over the last 25 years for companies including EA, Codemasters, Heatwave Interactive and Daybreak Games. Most recently, Anthony established independent games development studio Protagonist Games.

Jace Hall HP200

founder, chief creative officer

Visionary. Designed and published numerous successful AAA video game titles. Jace founded Monolith Productions, sold it to Warner Bros. and led Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, overseeing the development and management of numerous film/television/comic book multi-SKU game franchises such as: The Matrix, DC Comics and Harry Potter.

Rick Fox HP200

founder, chief business development officer

Brings championship level experience, leadership and success as a three time NBA Champion to the business world. As a serial entrepreneur and visionary he has built successful businesses in the media gaming sports and entertainment industries. As the founder of Echo Fox in 2015 he became a pioneer and advocate for esports athletes worldwide.

Dr. David Washington HP200

Founder, Chief Impact Officer

A former aide to President Obama and known as the Social Good Yoda in some circles, DrDWash sits at the intersection of culture, CSR, ESG & civic engagement. Having advised everyone from Alicia Keys & Lady Gaga to Unity, E3 & the Walt Disney Company, his passion lies in amplifying the innate social impact super-powers of humankind.


An interactive executive who’s been creating and launching top gaming brands for over 25 years, Chip Lange’s experience includes marketing, game development, and P&L management while helping to bring some of the biggest gaming franchises to life, including EA Sports. Lange has led both console and mobile franchise development and launches; his strengths include team leadership, brand development, and creative execution.

Aquatic Breathing


Jen Donahoe’s career sounds like every child’s dream job: making toys and video games for a living. For over two decades, Donahoe has served as a digital gaming publishing, marketing, and growth leader at industry titans Riot Games, EA, Scopely, and Zynga. Donahoe’s experience also includes marketing and franchise development at toy and entertainment industry giants Disney, Hasbro, and Mattel.

Animal Whisperer


Chad Stafford is a seasoned leader with over ten years of experience delivering world-class digital products and building domestic and international teams, including studios in Shanghai and product & engineering groups in Mexico. A 20-year Agile practitioner, he launched his first iPhone app in ’07 and has spoken about his role in mobile game development at Comic-Con multiple times.

Time Warper

Director – Product Mgmt & Analytics

With over ten years of experience in product management, user analytics, and game security architecture, Chris Cleary has cultivated an eye for system weaknesses and the breadth of knowledge needed to tackle any problem. A proven team leader, Cleary was integral in the launch of Guild Wars 2, FarmVille, CityVille, Words with Friends, and Zynga Poker.

One For All


Matt Rose is a powerhouse director with over nine years of experience in the entertainment industry and social change field. Rose’s skill lies in navigating the relationships with business leaders, creatives, and influential persons while focusing on product design, UX, sustainable pro-social growth, cultural relevance/accuracy, and overall brand strategy.


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