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Our Company Values

We’re Humans First

We Put Players
Front and Center

We Deliver
Maximum Impact

We Forge Our Reality

We Thrive As A Team

We Make Great Sh*t

WE’RE HUMANS FIRST – We honor each other’s authentic selves – Not just our “work selves” – and celebrate our differences.

WE PUT PLAYERS FRONT AND CENTER – We understand that we *are* players too, motivated by a shared love of games and a deep human need for play.

WE DELIVER MAXIMUM IMPACT – We support talent because it makes for better games and ethical choices because they make for a better world. Focus on progress, and the profit will follow.

WE FORGE OUR REALITY – We take risks, encourage underrepresented voices, as use failures as opportunities to learn.

WE THRIVE AS A TEAM – We encourage mutual respect and communication – oh, and fun. C’mon, we’re a game company.

WE MAKE GREAT SH*T – We set a high bar, empowering our teams to pursue innovation and support brilliance.