HiDef Inc. Announces Collaboration with Unity and Hires Team of Industry Leaders to Bring Cutting Edge Mobile Games to Market

HiDef’s World-class Mobile Publishing Team will Leverage Unity to Build Metaverse Games that Connect and Entertain People through Creative Expression, Competition, Shared Content Experiences, and Cultural Discovery

SAN DIEGO, September 1, 2021 — HiDef Inc., a new video game company announced earlier this year with interactive entertainment industry veterans Anthony Castoro, Jace Hall, and Rick Fox, and social impact expert Dr. David Washington, today announced an important round of new mobile gaming hires and a collaboration with Unity.  HiDef believes in leveling the playing field for creators and innovators of all backgrounds by opening doors to opportunities that traditionally do not have pathways into careers in gaming and technology. 


HiDef will be developing their first title, a genre-defining metaverse mobile game, using Unity’s world-leading technology platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) content. HiDef’s flagship title will be featured in the Made with Unity co-marketing program as well as benefit from working alongside Unity’s Operate Solutions Gaming Services team. This opportunity to work closely with Unity is a powerful boost to HiDef’s decision to self-publish as the benefits offered by Unity’s reach and industry insights in the mobile market will be a key contributor to HiDef titles’ success. 

This collaboration is about more than just aligning technology. HiDef and Unity share a dedicated conviction around empowering creators all over the world, no matter their background. The stories that shape the world the most are often those told by underrepresented voices. Giving rise to the voices from these communities and providing access to real-time 3D tools, creates paths towards economic opportunity and a richer understanding of the solutions that can make the world a better place. Unity’s Vice President of Social Impact, Jessica Lindl, and HiDef Co-founder and Chief Impact Officer, Dr. Washington, will work closely together on multiple fronts to ensure that HiDef’s games have the power of both impact organizations. The first expression of this collaboration can be seen at the upcoming Unity for Humanity 2021 Summit, where Dr. Washington will be conducting a Fireside Chat with Common. 

“The team at HiDef is committed to enhancing our vision of empowering creators around the world to share their stories,” said Jessica Lindl, Vice President, Social Impact, Unity Technologies. “HiDef is a perfect collaborator for Unity, as we have shared values and a shared stance on the power of inclusive storytelling to make real-world changes. After seeing what HiDef is creating and the culture they are building in their studio, we are thrilled to work with them and excited to see what’s in store with their first title and beyond.”


HiDef is building a studio that builds metaverse games that connect and entertain people while simultaneously challenging traditional games industry standards, driving positive impact for communities across the globe. 

HiDef’s new hires exemplify the deep bench of industry veterans curated specifically for their mobile game experience. These include Chip Lange as President, Jen Donahoe as Head of Publishing and Marketing, Chad Stafford as Executive Producer, and Chris Cleary as Director of Product Management and Analytics. Between these new hires, HiDef’s team now includes a combined 60 years of mobile gaming experience developing and launching countless Triple-A titles with top developers and publishers, including Electronic Arts, Zynga, Riot Games, Scopely, and Gearbox.

“The team at HiDef has been hand-picked for their proven ability to make games that have a meaningful impact on peoples’ lives,” said HiDef CEO Anthony Castoro. “HiDef’s flagship title will be a genre-defining metaverse mobile game, and the team of industry veterans along with our collaboration with Unity’s technology program, offering the best cross-platform mobile development platform, sets us up for success.”

HiDef is a multi-platform gaming company founded by industry veterans and expressly designed from the ground up to activate the creativity inherent in the gaming audience. Through a unique gameplay technology platform, HiDef also aims to contribute and engage with the community around a mission of positively contributing to culture and society while opening up new powerful channels created by gamers. The team is already busy working on HiDef’s initial game, which will launch first on mobile next year. For more information, visit https://hidef.com/.

About HiDef

HiDef was co-founded in 2019 by interactive entertainment veterans Anthony Castoro, Jace Hall, and Rick Fox and social impact expert Dr. David Washington to build breakthrough interactive experiences, via a proprietary technology platform, that transcends traditional gaming boundaries and demographics. HiDef’s games are designed to give unimagined creative expression to the universe of gamers and will contribute to the ongoing effort of social good and transformation. HiDef’s initial game will launch first on mobile in 2022. For more information, please visit www.HiDef.com and follow HiDef on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Unity

Unity (NYSE: U) is the world’s leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D (RT3D) content. Creators, ranging from game developers to artists, architects, automotive designers, filmmakers, and others, use Unity to make their imaginations come to life. Unity’s platform provides a comprehensive set of software solutions to create, run and monetize interactive, real-time 2D and 3D content for mobile phones, tablets, PCs, consoles, and augmented and virtual reality devices. The company’s 1,800+ person research and development team keeps Unity at the forefront of development by working alongside partners to ensure optimized support for the latest releases and platforms. Apps developed by Unity creators have been downloaded more than five billion times per month in 2020. For more information, please visit www.unity.com.